The documents named BOOKFILE.PDF and SOLMAN.PDF on the CD-ROM that was included in the back of the hardback version of the book that you purchased contain the entire text and solutions manual, and these files are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Use Adobe Acrobat to make page replacements in PDF documents.

NOTE: Acrobat Reader (Adobe's free product) won't do page replacements (or other editing tasks). Make sure you have the full Acrobat package installed before proceeding.

1: Copy BOOKFILE.PDF from the CD-ROM to your computer's hard drive (it's also a good idea to make a backup copy).

2: Using Adobe Acrobat, open the copy of BOOKFILE.PDF you have on your hard drive.

3: Display the page you wish to replace.

    For example, suppose you wish to replace page 663 in the text with the updated PDF version that you have already downloaded from the errata page.

    IMPORTANT: Because ACROBAT includes the front matter (e.g., title page, table of contents, preface, etc.) in its page count, TEXT page 663 is ACROBAT page 672. As long as you have the page that you want to update in the display, ACROBAT will show the correct page that needs to be replaced---don't override this.

    6: Click OK, and then save the updated version with ACROBAT. Saving can take a few minutes.

    FINAL NOTE: At the present time there are no links on the replacement pages. Links pointing to a replacement page should work, but there are no links from the current replacement pages.